Monday, April 27, 2015

History Comes Alive in Social Studies

Track 1, 5th grade Social Studies classes have been travelling back in time to learn about Westward Expansion and the Civil War. Students did research to learn about what life was like during the Westward Expansion and then used the information they found to inspire the writing of historical fiction narratives in poem and diary format.

Students also learned about the Civil War. They used a research foldable and created a graphic organizer to keep track of main ideas and events from the text as they read and discussed historical events during this time. They the created an timeline that allowed them to synthesize what they learned in an online thinking map illustrating the causes and main events of the American Civil War. After creating the timeline they answered an essential SS unit question: How have key events in American history helped to shape and create the country that we live in today?

Students are also studying the novel Bull Run by Paul Fleischman. 

Summary from : "The novel is a collection of monologues by sixteen fictional characters and one real one, eight Northern and eight Southern, black and white, male and female, describing their personal experiences in the First Battle of Bull Run of the American Civil War in 1861. Issues such as race, gender, and economic, social, and regional tensions are depicted throughout the novel. This book gives a clear vision of what went on in the civil war from medical tents to bodies on the battlefield."

Monday, April 20, 2015

Congrats to Battle of the Books & Science Olympiad Students!

Congratulations to our Battle of the Books team and awesome coaches!

For the 2nd year in a row Holly grove participated in the county level Battle of the Books. 12 students were selected to be on the team from the over 30 students participating at the school level.

Students are required to read 18 books that have been picked by the NCSLMA (North Carolina School Library Media Association). That is no easy task!! As they are reading the students met once a month to practice answering questions about the various books. Questions are very detailed and require students to pay very close attention to minor details as they are reading.

On April 11th our team of 12 attended the county battle at York Elementary. The students arrived feeling very prepared and hopeful to place higher than last year. A total of 5 schools participated in the battle and each school competed against the other schools once in order to determine a winner. Each round consisted of 12 questions. Holly Grove won all four of their rounds and came out the overall winner!! We are so proud of our team and the hard work they put in to prepare for the battle.

Team members:  Alex F., Kenyen G., Emily E., Elias C., Logan R., Lauren R., Samantha A., Amanda K., Jacob W., Rou-Pey L., Lawson B, and McKenna H.

We will also be having a school battle at the end of the year for all of the Battle of the Books team members that participated this year. 


Congratulations to our fantastic Science Olympiad teams and our terrific coaches.

Over all 2nd Place Trophy Winners

1st Place in Backyard Biologist
                 Ecology Expert
                 STEM Design Challenge
2nd Place    Describe It Build It
                 Chew the Fat
                 Pasta Tower
                 Science Password
3rd Place     First In Flight
4th Place     3,2,1, Blast Off!
                 Data Crunchers
                 Super Sleuths
                 Weather Permitting
                 Sky Quest
5th Place     Rock Star
                 Fast Facts
                 Planet Protectors

Monday, April 13, 2015

Donations Needed to Honor Fallen Soldier

The Memorial Day committee is hard at work planning this year's May 22nd event. The program will be honoring a graduating 5th grader's father who was killed in action in Iraq. The school will be purchasing a remembrance wristband for every student, staff member, and program participants. We would appreciate any donations. Please click on the following link: WristbandFundraiser Also, please do not forget to complete the form to honor your military family member. This form can be accessed via the Holly Grove Elementary homepage.