Monday, April 27, 2015

History Comes Alive in Social Studies

Track 1, 5th grade Social Studies classes have been travelling back in time to learn about Westward Expansion and the Civil War. Students did research to learn about what life was like during the Westward Expansion and then used the information they found to inspire the writing of historical fiction narratives in poem and diary format.

Students also learned about the Civil War. They used a research foldable and created a graphic organizer to keep track of main ideas and events from the text as they read and discussed historical events during this time. They the created an timeline that allowed them to synthesize what they learned in an online thinking map illustrating the causes and main events of the American Civil War. After creating the timeline they answered an essential SS unit question: How have key events in American history helped to shape and create the country that we live in today?

Students are also studying the novel Bull Run by Paul Fleischman. 

Summary from : "The novel is a collection of monologues by sixteen fictional characters and one real one, eight Northern and eight Southern, black and white, male and female, describing their personal experiences in the First Battle of Bull Run of the American Civil War in 1861. Issues such as race, gender, and economic, social, and regional tensions are depicted throughout the novel. This book gives a clear vision of what went on in the civil war from medical tents to bodies on the battlefield."

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