Friday, December 18, 2015

Helping our Community

Down in the Kindergarten hallway, we have been learning about needs and wants! We read books, made lists, and watched some video clips to help us learn the difference between things we really need, and things we want.

In Mrs. Foshee's classroom, the students found a problem in our world! After reading some picture books (A Chair For My Mother and Jam and Jelly), we discovered that not all boys and girls in our community have what they want or need. We decided as Holly Grove Hedgehogs we needed to solve this problem! We came up with different ideas: donating money, food, clothing, toys for the holidays and we voted on our favorite: food! Within our classroom the students made advertisements to take home to their families to explain this need.

Over just a week and a half, our students brought in over 10 bags and boxes full of food for the Holly Springs Food Cupboard! Here are a couple of pictures of our donations ~ and a special guest who showed up when we loaded a car full of food!

Way to go, Mrs. Foshee's Kindergarten class! Thanks for being helpful citizens in our community.

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