Friday, January 29, 2016

Spotlight on Students: Daniel Griffith

4th grade student Daniel Griffith was recognized by WCPSS Spotlight on Students.  Daniel is an extraordinary young man. He received the first character award for responsibility. Daniel is a student that never forgets to complete an assignment and always does his best work. He is a role model to everyone in fourth grade. Not only does he show exemplary work and character in the class he participates in community events to help others. He was the youngest person to ever complete an Ultimate Hike, which is a fundraising program for CureSearch for Children's Cancer. Hikers sign up to raise a minimum of $2500 for childhood cancer research and train to hike 20-30 miles in one day.  He hiked in honor of his younger sister, Eve, who was just declared cured of cancer after being off-treatment for five years this past May.

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