Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Girls on the Run is So Much FUN!

Several Holly Grove 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade girls have been participating in a fun curriculum based running program. Many schools throughout Wake County, North Carolina, and the COUNTRY have the opportunity to "plug into the positive cord" and learn healthy body and relationship habits. We have 2 practices a week, and we spend them training for a 5K and learning how to handle many situations in school and at home.

This program is so much more than "running." While we do warm ups and laps around our track, we incorporate each practice with a theme for the girls to connect to. We talk about overcoming challenges, making the time to reflect on your days and actions, and how to respond in different situations. The girls have learned that in life's circumstances, they have the choice to "plug" themselves into a positive cord or not. We have talked about messages that advertisements send, and how they can be negative or positive. We analyze these messages and discuss why they are not plugged into the "positive" cord, and what we can do to fight those messages.

The end of each semester not only brings our 5K race (along with other Triangle Area schools), but a service project. We spend a few meetings discussing our community and ways we can support them. We have donated dog items to Peak Lab Rescue, donated school supplies to schools in need, and this semester we got to help with the very first Holly Springs Half Marathon! The girls got to cheer on runners, pass out water/Gatorade at mile 9, and ultimately see an example of people who have set and achieved goals.

Girls on the Run sounds like any old running club, but it is helping the girls in our Holly Grove Community to become strong leaders who are confident in themselves and others.

These Coaches love their girls: Coach Harris, Coach Huber, Coach Foshee, Coach West, Coach Grabowski, and Coach Holmes! :)

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